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Brad Lennon

Owner/General Manager:

Brad manages the Lennon Group of companies and oversees the day to day running of the businesses including financial and strategic positioning. He has over 28 years of experience in the sector in all facets across the industry.

Rhett Lennon

Owner/Manager - OTR Tyre:

Rhett manages the OTR Tyre divison of the Lennon Group. He has a reputation after 36 years as one of the leading authorities in the industry specialising in the acquisition and sale of OTR tyres worldwide.

Grant Lennon

Owner/Manager - Lennon HE Mining Sales/Hire:

Grant manages the Mining Equipment division of the Lennon Group. He has worked in the industry for 36 years specialising in the sale and hire of Mining Equipment. He also manages special projects worldwide.

Matt Lennon

Sales Representative:

Matt, one of Grant's sons, joined Lennon HE in 2008. He has a Diesel Mechanic qualification, his current role involves the sale and hire of mining/earthmoving equipment and parts.

Nick Lennon

Sales Representative:

Nick, one of Rhett’s sons, joined Lennon HE in 2012. Prior to Lennon’s he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Business Management. He currently works alongside Matt covering the sale and hire of mining/earthmoving equipment and parts.

Jake Lennon

Sales Representative:

Jake, another of Rhett’s sons, joined Lennon OTR in 2015. He specializes in the sale of earthmoving OTR Tyres, although his position also covers the sale of earthmoving equipment.

Steve Reed

Logistics/Admin Manager:

Steve has been an integral part of the Lennon Group for 26 years. During this time he has developed a wealth of knowledge and is well respected in the industry. His current position specialises in the logistical aspects and day to day running of the business.

Lennon OTR


If you use OTR tyres or mining truck tyres, then you don’t need us to tell you how much your business depends on them. You can’t afford unplanned downtime so you need a tyre supplier who will keep your heavy vehicles rolling.

To keep our business rolling, we need satisfied customers who will keep coming back because they know they can rely on us. We can’t afford to lose repeat business by letting you down, so we won’t. With over 50 years in the OTR tyre industry, we know tyres inside and out and we also know our customers. This is a family business that’s built on trust and we’re proud to carry on that tradition. Our tyres are all thoroughly checked and tested and are guaranteed to meet all safety and compliance standards, so you can have complete confidence that buying tyres from us is not only best for your business but best for your drivers as well.

For most OTR operations, tyres are one of the biggest operating costs, so sourcing your OTR tyres and mining truck tyres is a very serious matter. You need a supplier with the experience and global reach to supply exactly the tyres you need, when you need them. We understand that ‘nearly’ isn’t good enough. We aim to get you the tyres that will provide maximum durability and efficiency for your vehicle and operating conditions – and we’ll do it at an unbeatable price.

Of course, conditions change, as do contracts and even the marketplace, so sometimes you’ll find yourself with OTR tyres that aren’t being used or are at the wrong job site. We can store them for you in our secure facility or transport them to a new site, as needed. As experts in OTR tyres and mining truck tyres, you can depend on us to handle, transport and store tyres securely and without any damage.

If you have OTR tyres that you no longer need, we can offer you a fair and honest price for them. With our global connections, we are right at the heart of the market for OTR tyres and mining truck tyres and we pass the benefits on to you. All such purchases are confidential, of course – we won’t do anything to compromise your business interests.

Whether you’re in construction, mining, or any other sector, if you use OTR tyres or mining truck tyres then you need to talk to Lennon OTR. We’re a proud Australian family firm with a global reach. Whatever your needs, our aim is always to give you the best service in the industry.

For all heavy equipment enquiries, visit www.lennonheavyequipment.com.au

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